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Is there a warranty on my items?

Yes, we believe in the integrity of our protective covers.  If you for any reason find the cover to be defective or needing repair, we will replace it without charging you within 1 month of your original purchase.   Call or email our customer service line to arrange a return or exchange.

If our protective covers have proven themselves just once in a fire, then they have served honorably.   If you experience a home or workplace fire, we will replace up to 5 of your covers for free.  All you need to do is send us your old ones.  Call or email customer support for details.

How do I wash my protective cover?

Although the covers may be washed in a standard laundry machine, we do not recommend this.  The inherent flame and heat resistance properties of the fabrics cannot be washed out.  However, slight shrinkage may occur, affecting your ability to fit items back in to the cover.  If you feel the cover is soiled or stained and needs to be cleaned, we recommend the following:  Treat area with a mild detergent (not soap) and hand wash with cold water.  The two layers should be treated and washed separately.  Then, they should be allowed to air dry.  Do not dry clean the items. Do not use chlorine bleach.  If you do choose to wash your cover in a standard washing machine, please use cold water, delicate cycle, and be sure to wash the liner and outer pouch separate.  Machine dry only if using very low heat and delicate cycle.  If you have concerns about laundering, call or email our customer support number.

Is there a return policy?

Yes, you can return your items without questions within 1 month of your purchase.  Call or email our customer support department.


  • Where to Purchase

    Zquared Away products are available on Amazon.com.
  • The ZquaredAway Collections

    • The Prescott Collection
      Protective cover for multiple binders, albums, or keepsakes. With handles!

    • Outer Banks Collection
      A protective case for your thumbdrives.

    • Cape Collection
      DVD and CD case protective cover.

    • Neva Collection
      Standard binder and album protective cover.

    • Baranof Collection
      Protective cover for large scrapbooks and albums.

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