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Patent Pending, Protective Cover, Designed Similar to Firefighter Gear

Each layer performs a unique task. The outer shell is a Nomex® blend that offers water repellency and flame resistance. The middle layer contains the moisture barrier and is seam sealed to allow for maximum water resistance. The thermal liner makes up the inner most compartment and will protect your keepsakes from extreme heat. The protective covers are sewn together with Nomex® thread and finished using a unique, roll down system that includes Nomex® Velcro. Our design allows for water tight protection. 

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard
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In the United States, fire fighter gear, also known as turn out gear, adheres to the guidelines put forth in the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) set of standards. NFPA 1971 is the Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting. Revised in 2007, it sets the minimum standards required for turn out gear. These standards, although technical in nature, are designed to protect a fire fighter in extreme situations. To read more about the technical nature of our special fabrics go to our suppliers directly at specstedair.com and tencate. It is our philosophy here at ZquaredAway that if a firefighter would trust his or her gear enough to wear it in to a burning building, wouldn’t we trust this same gear to protect our treasured heirlooms, photographs, scrapbooks, and albums? The answer is yes. That is why we have followed the same design principles as the fire fighting garment makers when manufacturing our protective covers.

It is also important to us at ZquaredAway to try our best to keep the manufacturing of our fire, water, and heat resistant covers in the United States. Our fabrics and materials are sourced in the United States and Canada. All of the manufacturing of the finished protective covers takes place in the United States. So yes, American made! For more details about our suppliers, visit them directly. Our fire resistant covers and thermal liners are made from materials constructed wholly in the United States by TenCate Protective Fabrics. Our moisture barrier is made by the North American company Stedfast.

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