Prescott Fire Resistant Bag

Being Prepared and the Prescott Fire Resistant Bag


-Guest Blog by Ellisa Barr-


Ellisa Barr

The Author of “Outage”, Ellisa Barr

I never win anything (unless you count a 6-pack of soda 20 years ago), so when I found out I was the winner of a Prescott Fire Resistant Bag, I was beyond surprised and thrilled.  When it got here, I literally opened the package, got out the cover, and stashed our important documents binder inside, along with a flash drive where we keep things like journals, scanned photos, and my book manuscripts.  The peace of mind I’ve gained from protecting these things is priceless.

I believe in being prepared, which was a big reason I wrote a fiction novel about a national disaster.  I wanted to share the story of a girl and a community that weren’t ready, and had to overcome terrible circumstances.  It isn’t difficult to have a week’s worth of drinking water on-hand, or to make a family emergency plan, but the majority of people haven’t done even the minimum.   

 My hope is to encourage people to take small steps to becoming more prepared.  We live in uncertain times, and you don’t have to be a prepper to want be ready for the worst.
Prescott Bag

Ellisa Barr stores her new novel and important documents in her Prescott Fire Resistant Bag by ZquaredAway.



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