• Offering a Unique Alternative to Fire Protection!

    ZquaredAway offers a unique alternative to the cumbersome fireproof safe.
    We make fire resistant bags and covers to protect your important documents from the average house fire. Our three layers of technical fabric include a water resistant barrier, heat resistant barrier, and flame resistant outer shell. Using the same technology that goes in to fire fighter gear, you can be sure that your keepsakes, memories, and archives are protected. We make fire fighter gear for what you hold dear.

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The Prescott Collection | Protective Cover

The Prescott protective cover

Fits items up to 4.5 inches thick by 13 inches tall by 13 inches wide.  (Handles are not fire resistant). It can hold multiple binders, albums, or keepsakes.  Easy to grab and go in an emergency!


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Price: $199.95

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    Zquared Away products are available on Amazon.com.
  • The ZquaredAway Collections

    • The Prescott Collection
      Protective cover for multiple binders, albums, or keepsakes. With handles!

    • Outer Banks Collection
      A protective case for your thumbdrives.

    • Cape Collection
      DVD and CD case protective cover.

    • Neva Collection
      Standard binder and album protective cover.

    • Baranof Collection
      Protective cover for large scrapbooks and albums.

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